Monday, September 7, 2009

Play That Funky Music....

Yes, yes, I know. We haven't posted anything in ages. Not to worry, in the near future, we will post the before, durring, and after pics of the house renovation. For not, please enjoy the accoustic musical stylings of Newton Faulkner (sp?) as seen on tonights episode of GNW.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Painting the roses red...

Due to a long story of reliance on others to perform when they said they would... our roof is finally in the first stage of getting fixed from when I fell through it on New Years. The hot breezy drafts that have hit us whilst sitting on the couch for the past four months are now a thing of the past. Dustin asked one of his friends at work (Mike) to come around Thursday night and give us a hand patching it up. After an hour long trip to the local Bunnings (with apparently some not so helpful staff who did not know what gyprock/drywall/plasterboard was), Mike then proceeded to do the whole patch job himself with Dustin and I helping where we could. I learned a lot because the whole way through the patching process Mike was kind enough to take time to teach me how it was done and why things had to be done the way they were so the surface would be smooth and unnoticeable once painted etc. Later on Mike will come back over and sand it down and finish it off. Several days later Dustin and I still walk into our loungeroom and still expect to see a whole in the roof as we had gotten used to it being there. See pictures.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The study house

Dustin and I celebrate our 5th year wedding anniversary on Thursday and for the first time ever in our relationship we are both studying at the same time (both still working also of course). I am completing my masters in law whilst Dustin is doing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.
Whilst I am sitting here on my couch listening to my lecture via podcast, Dustin is in the study doing a group assignment via an internet meeting between the members of his group.
It occurred to me when I logged into my uni website just how far technology has come for me to have a lecture each week that I can download into an ipod and listen to it anywhere anytime and where Dustin can study via distance and for his study group to not only consist of people in other states of Australia but also overseas. - lining up times for his study meetings is going to be interesting with the different time zones.
I know I am not as old as some but I very clearly remember when whiteboards just came in and our school got two, we all wanted to have classes in those rooms because they didn't get chalk dust everywhere and it was easier to read... yet now how far have we come... I don't think I could study without my USB stick and my laptop not to mention my downloadable lectures, online study materials and wireless internet anywhere on our property all at the click of a button... I fear the traditional library research session has become obsolete which is sad really as I do so much love the smell of old books.
If this is how far we have come just in the past 15 years or so... how far are we going to go in the next 15 years and what will people be using for study aides then? I have always looked forward to that downloadable data that I may one day be able to plug straight into my brain... I wonder how far into the future that is?

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Travelled to a Mystical Time Zone....

I figure that it's about time that I made a musical post again.  So, last week I made two cds for my guitar instructor.  Just kind of so he got the idea of what type of things I was wanting to learn.  One cd was a sampler with some Metallica, AC/DC, Jerry Reed, ect., ect.  The other one was all Smiths.  For some reason, I don't know if it's all of Australia, or just Brisbane, but it would seem that there is a musical imigration department set up.  Only a certain amount of a certain type of music can get through it, the rest are never allowed in.  The Smiths are ones of these bands that, unless "smuggled in", no one ever heard of.  

Last night, when I went to my guitar lesson, Steve, (my instructor) was sitting in there listening to the Smiths cd, and started going off about how he can't believe that he'd never listened to them, and how awesome they were.  Sweet.  So we then proceeded to attempt to learn This Charming Man and Ask.  I felt better about not having been able to learn them on my own when even he was having a bit of trouble with it, (I emphasize the BIT) and he has dual degrees in guitar from the Conservatory.  It turned out to be a good session though; quite enjoyable!

When I got home, Cindy's and my friend Kelly was over.  She's come back home from Ireland for a few weeks to visit.  When I mentioned what we were doing at guitar, she made the same comment on how she can't believe that she had never heard of The Smiths before she went over there, considering how big they were/Morrissey is.  She said her favorite song was Frankly, Mr. Shankly, and as such, That's the video that I have decided to go with this time around.  Enjoy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Minimum Wage, Ha!

So, for those fo you who don't know, or haven't been able to work it out, I got a promotion of sorts at work.  Granted, this was first offered to me back at the end of June, but it has taken till now to eventuate, due to circumstances created by other people, or lack thereof.  

I am now, according to the signature that was set up on my email, a Technical Sales Representative.  This means that instead of being outside in the heat, humidity, grease, dirt, and oil, standing on concrete all day, and lifting heavy things, I now get to wear nicer clothes, sit down in A/C, have a desk and computer, and slightly more flexable work conditions, and the heaviest thing that I have to lift all day is probably a stapler. (no, it's not a red one...)  

I've kinda been thrown in the deep end, with a half-eaten life preserver, and told what to do to tread water.  What better way to learn!  But I am having fun, and most of the guys upstairs are willing to give me a hand when I get questions that I don't know, (which at this point, are most of them!) I answer the phones/faxes/emails that customers give us, wanting to either just buy some fittings or design a whole power system for them.  I know it might not sound like much, but I'm enjoying it, and that makes a lot of difference.

If you don't know and want to see what we do, go here:  Ignore the Cycles part.  Our branch doesn't really do them, although I CAN get them if requested.  That's about it. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh, Listen To The Music

Music has always been a major part of my life.  The last few years, however, due to working and other things getting in the way, both my playing of, and listening to, music has fallen a bit on the wayside.  For Christmas this year, Cindy got me a new guitar strap, the Best of The Smiths tab book, and 4 lessons to help improve, (or possibly even create) my guitar playing ability.  I start these lessons on Thursday night.  Also, for our Christmas Eve game this year, we got the Guitar Hero World Tour pack for the XBox.  Cindy is surprisingly good at the drums, while I love signing aspect; everything from About A Girl, to Up Around The Bend.

Now, reading my sister Sharon's blog for the last year or so, I've watched her Friday Flashback posts; a lot of times I remember the songs that are there, and sometimes I don't know them at all, but enjoy being exposed to things I would otherwise not have known about.  It's not like the radio stations in Brisbane play anything older than about 3 months...  and it's all that new crap like the Pussycat Dolls and such, that doesn't have a bit of real music in it. (my opinion, obviously. Sorry to those that actually like that type of stuff)  As such, hearing things that I don't know and that actually is music is fantastic.  

So what do these two things have to do with each other?  Well, I thought that I'd start trying to post on a simi-regular basis, some sort of Ode to Musica post.  To start it off, I thought that I'd dedicate this one to Sharon, in thanks for her involvment of music throughout her blog, both posts about it and random, sometimes obscure references to it.  As such, the video that I'm posting is of my favorite Smiths song (which I am currently learning to play, btw).  If it wasn't for Sharon, I would never have heard the Smiths, James, The Ocean Blue, They Might Be Giants, and so many more....  so, thanks Shaz!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Books books books...

A love that Dustin and I both share is our love for books and reading.

We can go wandering around the shops all day and not spend any money, but if either of us wander anywhere near a Dymocks, Angus and Robertson or a QBD bookstore we find our bank account quickly diminished and our arms weighed down with hours of reading material. Whilst we both have our differing preferences for fiction novels we have found we both also have a love for non fiction. We have reference books on all sorts of subjects from Astronomy to The Mysteries of the Mind and from Ancient Egypt to the Lipizzan Horses in Austria

While we both Google to find out modern facts and knowledge we find it is so much more fun sitting down and reading a book about all sorts of things. 

When we were first married we found we did not have a book case for the books that we had gathered before we met and so we went to Lifeline and bought a second hand bookcase for $20 that we thought would hold our books and the many more that we would buy during our marriage. As it turns out, we have not been married yet for 5 years and already our bookcase is overflowing and collapsing with our collection. We both hope that one day we will be able to have a library in our house with all the walls full of books with places to sit and enjoy reading them. I guess we will need another bookcase or two before that happens. Whilst we will eventually get more bookcases I don't think we will ever get rid of the first one we bought together even though it is water damaged and only holds half the shelves it is meant to as it holds sentimental value for both of us and symbolising a love and hobby we both share. Does that sound crazy to anyone else or just sappy and sentimental?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A second man hole

It all started with parents who were nice enough to think of Dustin and I sweltering in the heat and so they bought us insulation for Christmas. You need to have been here in summer to understand our house is like an oven, and all occupants are the turkeys baking away.

Dustin and I got up on New Years Day morning and decided to install it ourselves as that was my first day of leave and we can't afford to have someone else do it.  

After two hours of installing with me crawling into all the smaller places where Dustin couldn't get to and him passing me the insulation, we were covered in sweat to the point where we were dripping, my nose was running and full of black stuff from all the dirt and dust etc up there and who wants to know what else... and yet we had only just completed an area the size of what we think was the study (hard to tell in such a small space up there)

We came down for some air, by then my legs were cramping and my vision was blurry as my eyes were full of dust and sweat and alas when we gained enough courage to climb back up the ladder the pictures depict the result of what happened...

I was attempting to pull one of the bags along the roof, lost my balance, went butt first through our roof over our lounge room and ended up half in and half out of the roof hanging between our house and the roof right over our couch in the lounge room. After laughing at my predicament Dustin helped me out of the hole which I became stuck in due to me being bigger than the hole my butt created. The hole was actually a lot messier than it looks now... after laughing at me, my dad came over and cut the hole into a square along the beams so it can be fixed. As my parents started wishing they had bought us something else for Christmas we started working out the cost of fixing the roof and playing eeny meeny miney mo as to who was going back up in the roof to finish the job.

As it had gotten too hot to be in the roof by the time the drama was finished, mum and my sister Sam came around at 5am yesterday morning and helped Dustin and I finish the job. As Dustin is too big to climb around up there mum and I climbed around and laid the insulation and Dustin was passing us up bags, water bottles, towels and tools etc through our newly made manhole. I must say, whilst having a hole in your roof right in the middle of your lounge room is not exactly what we started out to achieve, I must say, it made the insulation installation go a lot faster as everything did not have to be passed through the manhole in the garage and then carried to the other side of the roof and it let in so much more light that we hardly needed torches! Not to mention it is so much cooler in our lounge room now with all the heat escaping though our new manhole... Dustin and I are now thinking that hole is the perfect spot to install a skylight!

Ahh.. the joys of owning your own home... so how did everyone else's holiday period go?