Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The study house

Dustin and I celebrate our 5th year wedding anniversary on Thursday and for the first time ever in our relationship we are both studying at the same time (both still working also of course). I am completing my masters in law whilst Dustin is doing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.
Whilst I am sitting here on my couch listening to my lecture via podcast, Dustin is in the study doing a group assignment via an internet meeting between the members of his group.
It occurred to me when I logged into my uni website just how far technology has come for me to have a lecture each week that I can download into an ipod and listen to it anywhere anytime and where Dustin can study via distance and for his study group to not only consist of people in other states of Australia but also overseas. - lining up times for his study meetings is going to be interesting with the different time zones.
I know I am not as old as some but I very clearly remember when whiteboards just came in and our school got two, we all wanted to have classes in those rooms because they didn't get chalk dust everywhere and it was easier to read... yet now how far have we come... I don't think I could study without my USB stick and my laptop not to mention my downloadable lectures, online study materials and wireless internet anywhere on our property all at the click of a button... I fear the traditional library research session has become obsolete which is sad really as I do so much love the smell of old books.
If this is how far we have come just in the past 15 years or so... how far are we going to go in the next 15 years and what will people be using for study aides then? I have always looked forward to that downloadable data that I may one day be able to plug straight into my brain... I wonder how far into the future that is?

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Travelled to a Mystical Time Zone....

I figure that it's about time that I made a musical post again.  So, last week I made two cds for my guitar instructor.  Just kind of so he got the idea of what type of things I was wanting to learn.  One cd was a sampler with some Metallica, AC/DC, Jerry Reed, ect., ect.  The other one was all Smiths.  For some reason, I don't know if it's all of Australia, or just Brisbane, but it would seem that there is a musical imigration department set up.  Only a certain amount of a certain type of music can get through it, the rest are never allowed in.  The Smiths are ones of these bands that, unless "smuggled in", no one ever heard of.  

Last night, when I went to my guitar lesson, Steve, (my instructor) was sitting in there listening to the Smiths cd, and started going off about how he can't believe that he'd never listened to them, and how awesome they were.  Sweet.  So we then proceeded to attempt to learn This Charming Man and Ask.  I felt better about not having been able to learn them on my own when even he was having a bit of trouble with it, (I emphasize the BIT) and he has dual degrees in guitar from the Conservatory.  It turned out to be a good session though; quite enjoyable!

When I got home, Cindy's and my friend Kelly was over.  She's come back home from Ireland for a few weeks to visit.  When I mentioned what we were doing at guitar, she made the same comment on how she can't believe that she had never heard of The Smiths before she went over there, considering how big they were/Morrissey is.  She said her favorite song was Frankly, Mr. Shankly, and as such, That's the video that I have decided to go with this time around.  Enjoy.