Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good As I Once Was...

So, it was brought to my attention by a mate of mine last night that I hadn't updated this blog in a little while.  I didn't realise that by a little while, it had been two years though.  These last two years have been quite interesting.  They have seen me learn to ride a bike, buy one, sell it, and now buy another.  They have seen me out of my twenties and into my thirties.  Some friends have passed by the wayside like so much wasted chaff, whilst others have been found and made.

It is on the subject of two of these 'others', (one of which is the afore mentioned mate who reminded me to update the blog) that I will write about tonight.  You see, we went out on the town last night for a bit of a "Guys Night Out'.  Now, in years gone past and with other mates, I've gone out on the town.  We just went out, got down and funky with the crowds in whatever dives we happened to go to, tried to avoid trouble, and come morning, made our way home doing our best Dawn (or was it Shawn?) of the Dead impressions.  Fun was had by all.

Enter 2011.  Enter (and the names have been changed to [very loosely and badly] protect their identities) Nick Burns and Dexter.  Enter 30 year old me.  We decided that it was high-time that we had a guys night out.  With this one, however, is that it was quite more enjoyable; to the point that we are considering next time extending it to a road-trip weekend.  What was the difference?  Why was this night out better than the others I mentioned before?  We got a room in the city so that we wouldn't have to worry about getting cab fare back home, or someone to come pick us up at whatever twilight hour it might have been when we had decided that we had had enough.  When we wanted to crash, we just walked back to the room and did so.  Granted, this is a significant upgrade from the random unplanned chaos-infused night outs that I had been used to, but that in and of itself does not a good night out make.

No, I have thought about this, and have come to the conclusion that it was because of  Nick Burns and Dexter.  They are my speed and my type of people; quick, sarcastic, intelligent, and sharers in the belief that in the great gene-pool of humanity, someone forgot to put in the chlorine.  Couple that with the fact that we have moved into a more 'mature' stage of life, and have the ability to just relax, this all adds up to be quite good value and a great time out all round.  Of course, should we feel the need to go out and tie one on, I'm sure we're all as good once as we ever were.